Why We Buy - Stretch Your Mind!

This book completely and thoroughly describes all the factors that cause people to buy (or not buy) in the retail environment.

What does this have to do with contractors?

Well, it's a stretch but not a big one. What you learn from the book is that there are not these "big swing" things that cause people to buy (or not). What it really comes down to is attention to detail. When to arrange things neatly. When to mess them up a little. When to provide just a little entertainment. When to provide just a little more room. How high on the shelf to place items.

Contracting is very similar. There are thousands of little interactions that a customer goes through each and every day that determine whether they will buy from you, how they feel about the purchase, will they "buy" the next change order, will they "buy" the next billing, etc.

Looking at it another way there are also just as many little transactions that determine productivity in the field which is where money is made (or lost) for contractors.

If you can see the relationship between gang box placement and productivty then you will gain a lot from this book. It will spark dozens of good ideas.

Seth Godin who I think is a great marketing mind and who has a lot to offer the contracting business also had great things to say about Paco Underhill and "Why We Buy"


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