The Broken Job Interview Process

I have been on the road traveling to a lot of client sites the last month and did not get a chance to comment on this great article by Seth Godin about the job interview process when it came out.

Here are some short thoughts about how it can relate very well to contractors:

Who the ____ cares where the applicant has parked themselves for the last decade? Let's dig into what they did. You can do this through a structured information gathering process during the pre-employment screening (see website screening example) and then go deep on that information during the interview.

Why is it that most managers talk a lot about the revenue they produced or managed? Wouldn't you rather have an estimator say "I really don't get a lot of jobs. I typically only get 1 or 2 jobs each year but they have always made $1M or more in GP." What do they normally say - "I get 75% of the jobs I bid and got $10M in work last year."

How much can you really tell about how someone performed based on an interview? Test them out by putting them on the job for a few days and working closely with them. See how they ACTUALLY perform - if they don't then move on.

Integrating these processes into an overall organizational planning process will improve your company more than any other single action you can take.


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