Lack of Resources = Strength!

Seth Godin makes some very strong points regarding how too much money and resources can actually be counter productive. We see this on a regular basis with contrator clients - when business is "good" they have some free cash flow so they often spend it on paying for professional services that they could easily do themselves with a little "elbow grease and innovation."

What inevitably happens is that the market shifts just a little and isn't so "good" forcing them to do some really innovative and dificult things on their own - thus learning and becoming stronger as a company; as a team. The lack of resources and temporary pain actually gets them a lot closer to being a "great" company.

When it comes to professional services whether it is consulting, accounting or legal - if you think you can do it yourself then try. If you think you need help then get as little help as you can regardless of how much help you can afford. In the long-run you will be better off.


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